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Invenco, a self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement company, and Verifone, a payment and commerce solutions provider, will cooperate on interoperability of Invenco’s G6 and G7 Outdoor Payment Terminals with versions of Verifone’s Commander Point-of-Sale Software, Invenco announced.

This cooperation will enable retail fuel sites who use both Invenco and Verifone products to receive ongoing support for the interoperability of their Invenco terminals when used with Verifone’s Commander software.

“We are improving accessibility to the Invenco-i2 program at a critical time,” said John Scott, CEO of Invenco. “With over 60% of the U.S. market not yet converted to outdoor EMV compliance, retailers can be confident their Invenco and Verifone systems are enabled to solve for EMV now while growing together with aligned versions and support services moving forward.”

The Invenco and Verifone products follow the Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal Protocol for pay-at-pump and inside store system communication.

The Invenco-i2 program offers a high-quality, low-cost terminal to meet outdoor EMV compliance while upgrading the forecourt experience. The fixed-rate monthly fee includes rental of the G6 Outdoor Payment Terminal plus all equipment, services and compliance management needed for outdoor payments. Retailers are protected from surprise ad hoc service costs with an all-inclusive warranty covering replacement parts, labor and travel through the life of each four-year contract. At the end of each contract on re-signing, retailers will be upgraded to the latest Invenco payment terminal technology, keeping sites modern and within compliance regulations.

Invenco’s product lines include the retrofit-kit based G6 and G7 Outdoor Payment Terminals, iNFX retail micro-services (including electronic payment server), cloud services and Invenco Link, a high-speed Ethernet enabling device. Invenco’s outdoor EMV rental model, Invenco-i2, is designed to help U.S. fuel retailers prepare for the EMV liability shift without a large upfront investment. Invenco has deployed more than 125,000 EMV payment terminals engaging millions of customers every day. Invenco is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and operates offices in the U.S., Canada, Malaysia and the U.K.