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Invenco, a global outdoor EMV self-service payments company, launched its next-generation all-in-one outdoor payment terminal (OPT), the G6-300, the company announced. 

A full product description of the G6-300 may be downloaded on the website, and attendees may view it at Booth 4531 and 3444 at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Atlanta.

Designed on an open platform, the G6-300 is made for retrofit into all the major pump brands globally, delivering the latest in touchscreen and contactless technology. 

It is the most compact EMV outdoor payment solution that includes a printer, barcode scanner, EMV contactless and contact chip card payment in the one footprint, said David Schuster, director of product management at Invenco.

The move to touchscreen for this next-generation G6 OPT product follows touchscreen deployment on Invenco’s modular G7 OPT range.

“This is outdoor touchscreen at its best,” Schuster said. “It works in the rain, if you’re wearing gloves and in full sun without a canopy. Customers find it intuitive and easy to engage with as it mimics the touchscreen they use every day on their mobile phones.”

The G6-300 has other improvements over its predecessors. 

“We have invested in significant performance improvements and security infrastructure to accommodate future needs,” Schuster said. “We continue to invest in the capability and robustness of this product line to enhance customer engagement at the pump with a high-resolution, full-color touchscreen.

“The integrated printer drives bitmapped graphics and barcodes, with paper low and paper out detection as standard,” he said. “The G6-300 is also fully integrated with Invenco Cloud Services to enable remote key injection, remote management and software upgrades via a secure cloud, considerably reducing maintenance and service costs.

“Our G6 OPT range is the most popular retrofit outdoor payment option, globally. The next generation G6-300 will continue to cement that position, and we are expecting to see a high interest at NACS this year as we jointly release this next-generation product with our partners NCR and PPI. It will also be deployed as the core product for the roll out of our Invenco-i2 EMV-as-a-Service solution.”