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Today at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show, Freedom Electronics announced immediate availability of the FE-12, enabling operators to reduce on-hand inventory plus reduce inventory on their service trucks.

The FE-12 printer is a new drop-in replacement for three Ovation-1 printer models, DW-10, DW-12 and clamshell printers.

“This new printer will help PEI members improve profitability and reduce inventory on their service trucks by replacing any of these three Ovation-1 cores with a new drop-in replacement printer,” said Bob Shepard, vice president of product marketing at Freedom Electronics.

The FE-12 will enable PEI distributors and service companies to get a new printer from Freedom Electronics with any of the three Ovation-1 printer cores (DW-10, DW-12, and clamshell) to reduce inventory on the truck plus improve profitability. Another benefit of the FE-12 is an improved design with a simpler paper path, resulting in easier loading and better resistance against jams.

The FE-12 is a design driven by customer feedback.

Founded in 1998, Freedom Electronics offers a range of products and services designed to improve parts quality and profitability with innovative engineering and design.

Visit Freedom Electronics at Booth 4449 for more information.