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E.J. Ward Inc. reorganized its organization by forming two new business units, SimplyFuel Solutions and Nascent Partners, the company announced Sept. 1.

Both will operate as subsidiary LLC's under Ward.

“Our motivation was fueled by growth in our software as a service platform and other core business activities,” said Markay Ward, president and CEO of E.J. Ward. “Adding these diversified business groups to optimize sales, delivery, support and product development eliminates the monolithic one-size-fits-all approach in favor of an umbrella strategy that links back to our corporate goals.”

SimplyFuel Solutions is the sales, delivery and support vehicle for existing Ward customers and the provider of bundled fuel management systems, a new model for public and private fleet managers to purchase fuel management systems or services.

Several basic or custom bundles are available through SimplyFuel Solutions, composed of fuel control hardware, cloud-hosted software and wireless communication. Installation, training, call center support and lifetime warranties with software updates are standard.

Nascent Partners is a new development company spun out of Ward’s engineering group and the 45 years of internal development in automation platforms and vehicle telematics. The goal is to act as a technology incubator and business ideation hub of solutions in the transportation markets and beyond.

“Our new structure leverages the relationship between the corporate level strategic plan and the individual business unit plans to form a synchronized structure that pushes and pulls the organization in one successful direction,” Ward said. “We were looking for a way to make fuel management solutions available and affordable to even the smallest fleets and still offer all of the features that large fleets enjoy.”

Since 1974, E.J. Ward Inc. has been involved in fleet fuel management technology development. Ensuring accountability and security of fuel usage by public and private fleets globally, Ward’s solutions provide savings for customers through automated fuel management, tank level management, GPS-based asset tracking, electric vehicle chargers and cloud computing application integration.