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Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a part of Dover Corp., launched the Tokheim Quantium 510M fuel dispenser series.

The Quantium 510M fuel dispenser range is the next generation of the Quantium fuel dispenser family. This dispenser family is led by the Quantium 510M FHR fuel dispenser with full hose retraction, which builds on the same look and feel of today’s Quantium 510 fuel dispenser but with an enriched dispenser head. This new dispenser head will be standard across the range and will allow customers to upgrade easily from the typical LCD display to a VGA media display by simply changing the screen and the door.

Also in the series is the Quantium 510M SHR fuel dispenser with semihose retraction, which features modifications such as double bump piping to increase dispenser maintainability. This model ensures customers have a wider choice when modernizing their forecourts.

DFS also is introducing the Quantium 510M AdBlue fuel dispenser and the Quantium 510M liquified petroleum gas (LPG) fuel dispenser. The Quantium AdBlue fuel dispenser will have the same appearance as the Quantium 510M fuel dispenser with the enriched dispenser head, but it will be available as a four-hose model, a direct response to customers throughout Europe and the Middle East. The Quantium 510M LPG fuel dispenser has been upgraded from the previous model to include the enriched dispenser head and semihose retraction.

About Dover Fueling Solutions

DFS, part of Dover Corp., is composed of the product brands of ClearView, Fairbanks, OPW Fuel Management Systems, ProGauge, Tokheim and Wayne Fueling Systems and delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management solutions to customers worldwide. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, DFS has a significant manufacturing presence around the world, including facilities in Brazil, China, India, Italy, the U.K. and U.S.