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Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) secured a long-term contract to supply automatic tank gauges (ATGs) to Kuwait Petroleum International, which operates in Europe under the brand name Q8.

Q8’s primary focus is the refinement and marketing of fuel and other petroleum derivatives to a network of more than 4,400 service stations across Europe and operates a direct sales operation that provides road fuel and heating oil.

For the next three years, DFS will provide ATGs configured with its ProGauge LX consoles connected to ProGauge probes (wired and wireless) to Q8 in Italy, Spain, Benelux and northwest Europe. The ProGauge equipment will benefit Q8 by providing advanced fuel monitoring, improving inventory management and assisting in leak detection.

The partnership will enable Q8 to simplify station architecture by making full use of the compatibility between ProGauge products and the wider DFS product portfolio, including wetstock management tools, fuel dispensers, point-of-sale systems, automation, payment and cloud-based solutions.