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​Crompco LLC, an underground storage tank (UST) compliance testing and compliance management company, has calibrated more than 1 million fuel meters — a number rarely, if ever, seen in the industry, the company announced.

The company’s AccuMeasure calibration service assists retailers in identifying and preventing fuel shrink through a combination of innovative equipment, processes and technology.

Crompco first launched its AccuMeasure service in 2009 as a response to a rising customer demand for a more comprehensive, precise and consistent way to calibrate their fuel meters. As Crompco’s customer base grew exponentially, the AccuMeasure service team expanded from a single truck and crew to more than 30 crews that visit more than 7,000 sites throughout the U.S. each year.

Unlike an open neck, traditional prover system that is vulnerable to vaporization and human error, the AccuMeasure Vapor Elimination Prover (VEP) is a completely closed system. During the meter proving process, air is purged from the system through a series of valves. The prover is precisely measured by a NIST traceable metrology lab to 1/100,000 of a gallon, allowing incredible accuracy in testing, as well as re-calibration that approaches true zero. Developed in partnership with Seraphin, the VEP is only available to Crompco and Weights and Measures personnel.

“It’s exciting that Crompco AccuMeasure has grown from a one-crew operation to a leading service trusted by the biggest fuel retailers across the United States,” said Bob Dee, president of Crompco. “As the retail fuel industry continues to evolve, we constantly partner with our customers, dispenser manufacturers and Weights and Measures in order to advance our knowledge and accuracy. Our ultimate goal is to create the highest level of fuel dispensing accuracy possible to ensure reliability at the pump, which financially benefits both the consumer and retailer.”

As a result of calibrating more than 1 million fuel meters for many of the nation’s leading fuel retailers, Crompco has discovered surprising trends and patterns in fuel shrink and profit loss. For example, the average fuel retailer might be giving away $5,700 in fuel per site per year, which often equates to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of profit loss.