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Leighton O’Brien, a global SaaS fuel analytics and technology provider, and S. Bravo Systems Inc., a secondary containment manufacturer, partnered to develop an industry-first Dri-sump test ready containment sump, making containment sump testing easy from day one of installation.

Dri-sump is a faster, simpler and far less disruptive alternative to hydrostatic testing. It tests containment sumps and spill buckets in 60 seconds, uses no water and creates zero waste by-products, avoiding problems and costs associated with hazardous waste.

The technology uses a heavy vapor aerosol, which fills the sump. An air generator connected to a Vapor Stimulator Tube (VST) adjacent to the sump pulls the soil gases into a viewing chamber where a laser examination determines if the sump is tight.

Bravo’s B1000 UDC-VST series of secondary containment products can now be tested using the Dri-sump test method, which is certified to US EPA protocols, listed on the NWGLDE and has state regulatory acceptance in 49 states. Bravo is also in development to offer this option on its tank and transition sumps later this year.

Bravo’s under dispenser containment sump range features a built-in conduit clamp to mount the VST, which is a PVC pipe used as part of the Dri-sump fog-based test. The sump can be ordered with a pre-installed VST dispenser cabinet, which avoids the need to drill small holes in the concrete.

“This is an innovative development in the compliance testing market,” said Reed Leighton, CEO of Leighton O’Brien. “To partner with an industry leader such as Bravo, with a quality product that makes containment sump testing easier and more convenient from the beginning and then every three years thereafter, is a huge step forward for the industry.”

Bravo CEO Paola Bravo called the product a game changer.

“Fuel retailers now have a combined solution that saves water and testing time by up to 5 hours compared to hydrostatic tests,” Bravo said. 

“In a business where our very core is protecting our water, why would we want to contaminate a drop? The Dri-sump test method is an innovation that complements our company ethos underpinning our product development given it uses no water and is a much more effective way to test and protect the lifecycle of containment sumps.”

For more information, visit Leighton O’Brien at Booth 3908 and Bravo at Booth 3524.