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PEI publishes industry news that affects its members. Our staff maintains relationships with federal, state and local agencies, trade associations and other industry organizations. This allows us to obtain regulatory interpretations and information on new technology and compliance issues and keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. 

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TULSA, Oklahoma, Nov. 12, 2019/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- PEI partnered recently with Baxter Research Center (BRC) on an upcoming reader survey of PEI Journal subscribers.


TULSA, Oct. 24, 2019/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) board of directors in October approved the 2019 PEI Young Executives (YE) Committee meeting minutes that reflect changed YE membership dues from a one-time fee to a $100 annual fee beginning in 2020. 

The change solves a problem that has plagued YE since the group’s inception.


TULSA, Oct. 23, 2019/Petroleum Equipment Institute/ -- Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) members elected William J. Mascott III president of the organization during its 69th annual convention and trade show in Atlanta.