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Membership Eligibility & Divisions

To apply for membership, the first step is to determine what membership type most closely represents your company's business. Corporate membership is open to companies that manufacture, install, service, distribute or repair fuel marketing or liquid handling equipment. If you store, dispense or distribute motor fuel, you may be eligible for individual membership. 

PEI Membership

The Institute is organized into four corporate divisions and one individual membership category. The various divisions, corporate dues structure and the membership eligibility requirements are listed below. When you're ready click the Apply Now link to begin filling out your application.  Once your application is submitted, the membership process has officially begun. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact Teresa Farmer at or 918-236-3969.

Corporate Membership Divisions:

Service and Construction

Individual Membership Category

Operations & Engineering



Dues are based on annual sales and begin at $430 per year. 


Annual Dues

Under $1 million   $430
$1 - $2.9 million   $615
$3 - $6.9 million   $800
$7 - $10.9 million   $985
$11 - $14.9 million   $1,110
over $15 million   $1,235
    plus $6 per million over $15 million

Members of the operations and engineering (O&E) category are individuals and pay $185 per year. Scroll down to view eligibility requirements.


Corporate Membership Divisions 

To be eligible for membership in PEI, your company must meet the requirements for the division to which it seeks admittance in addition to meeting the general requirements. Your company must:

  1. Have a business interest in petroleum marketing equipment as a manufacturer, distributor, installation and service contractor, manufacturers representative, export manager, etc.
  2. Have been in business for at least a year as a corporation, partnership or proprietorship
  3. Corporate members must be sponsored by at least one PEI member company.

To qualify as a Distributor member, you must:

  • Maintain an office and a warehouse
  • Stock a representative line of equipment
  • Maintain adequate stock of parts for equipment stocked
  • Perform billing and credit functions

To qualify as a manufacturer member, you must:

  • Manufacture equipment for the liquid petroleum handling market
  • Sell products manufactured through distributors

Service and Construction
To qualify as a service and construction member, you must:

  • Provide service or maintenance products or solutions related to the liquid petroleum handling market
  • Provide construction and/or installation for liquid petroleum handling

To qualify as an affiliate member, you must:


  • Have a business interest in the petroleum equipment industry
  • Not qualify for another membership division

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Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to individuals who own or operate fuel storage systems. Members of the operations and engineering (O&E) category are individuals and pay $185 per year. 


Operations and Engineering
To qualify as an operations and engineering member, you must:

  • Be an individual who is employed by a company that stores, transports, meters or dispenses petroleum products

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