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Membership Application

Company Information

Now your company's details. This is the information we will publish in the PEI Directory once you become a member.

PEI Bylaws require that a company must have been in business for at least a year as a corporation, partnership or proprietorship before applying for Distributor, Manufacturer, Affiliate or Service and Construction membership. If your company has not been in business a full year, feel free to include the month your company was established.
This would be your company's primary address.

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Business Operations

Finally, tell us about your company's business operations. This section pertains to your company as it relates to the fuel marketing and fluid handling industry. For instance, gross annual sales refers to sales related to our industry.

All companies applying for a corporate division membership must be sponsored by at least one PEI member company. The sponsor should be chosen from the list of member companies provided.

Please tell us about your business (check all that apply).
Briefly describe your business operations.
Corporate membership dues are based on your company's annual sales in our market segment.

Your Contact Information

Finally, provide your personal contact information.

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