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Member Testimonials

"Every Value that PEI made available to me as a regulator also applies consultants," he said. "Being a member of PEI adds value to my business."

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- Marshall Mott-Smith, Mott-Smith Consulting Group LLC

“I think every PEI member needs to be recognized in such a fashion that if a customer has a choice of doing business with a PEI member or a non-PEI member, they would choose the PEI member. They should choose the PEI member because of the advantages a PEI membership brings in terms of education and being well informed about industry issues on a national and international basis.”

- Bruce Larson, Oscar W. Larson Co.

"The new owners of Southern Company of North Little Rock delved into the industry headfirst. Relying heavily on the PEI staff and other experts for guidance, Shelby and Grace put their faith in industry authorities like Bob Renkes. They trusted The Southern Company's veteran employees and their own gut instincts to guide them through the process of re-energizing a mature business. “It was a bit intimidating at first, but we always felt encouraged."

- Michael Shelby and Philip Grace, Southern Company of North Little Rock

“Petroleum is no longer the only source of energy, non-petroleum products will begin to replace traditional applications, and although many of these fuels and lubricants will be stored and dispensed in the same basic equipment, there will be critical differences. The one tool that will help PEI and its member companies survive the change is knowledge. We have to read a lot, converse with each other and learn what those subtle differences are. We need PEI to keep our finger on the pulse of the market and determine what new fuels are here to stay.”

 Blair Shwedo, SouthEastern Petroleum Systems, Inc.