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Latin American Initiative

Feb. 16 Ft. Lauderdale Meeting

On February 16, 2018, 18 steering committee volunteers, PEI president Robert Peavey and staff members Whitney Emerick, Rick Long, Melinda Whitney and Sarah West met at the Westin Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to discuss continuing PEI efforts for the Latin American market.  The meeting included presentations by PEI staff, small group brainstorming, review of the 2016 Latin American convention session survey results, review of 2017 accomplishments and discussions involving the entire committee. The meeting sought to answer the following four key questions.  The resulting meeting outcomes with the Executive Summary are provided below

Four Key Questions 

1. What do we know now (in the way of current market conditions & survey results)? 

2. What is needed most to support this target market?

3. What programs and/or services can PEI do to support this effort?

4. How will we measure success?

Educational content, marketing/community support and intentional staff resources to build/foster in-country relationships from PEI proved to be the three resounding themes that emerged. 

Educational content can be provided in a number of ways to serve this market but without marketing efforts to promote the available content and specific, staff resources to help implement this, any effort would be minimally achieved.  Two key issues that were indicated by this steering committee is that there is no published educational content for this market (although some initial educational/training sessions have been offered at last year’s annual convention) and correspondingly, there is no clear benefit for a Latin American company to join PEI.


In summary, a multi-pronged effort is needed that would achieve the following broad objectives:

1. Develop effective relationships in country with potential members, governmental authorities, and other in country associations, local and otherwise

2. Create educational content through translated Recommended Practices and other workshop/training sessions to be delivered initially through existing in-country conventions/shows.

3. Create specific membership content (online and print on demand), fostering promotional communication for PEI’s in country presence. 


A concluding recommendation will be sent to PEI's Board of Directors 2018 Mid-Year Meeting.