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The Election: What it Means for Your Business

"A Conversation with Jade West, Chief Government Relations Officer, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors" 

Tuesday, Oct. 27
2 p.m. Eastern  |  1 p.m. Central  |  11 a.m. Pacific

This invitation-only webinar is open exclusively to those who register by Oct. 2 for the PEI Virtual Convention & Expo. No additional registration is needed. You will receive a link Oct. 26 to join the webinar.

The U.S. presidential and congressional elections will affect distributors, contractors, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders for years.

No person is better suited to explain what it means for PEI members than Jade West, chief government relations officer for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors.

Join West and PEI Executive Vice President Rick Long on Oct. 27 for a conversation on the likely election outcomes and effects on taxes, business and environmental regulations, alternative fuel policy, employment law and other matters.

Submit your questions in advance or during the one-hour webinar to


Jade West
Chief Government Relations Officer
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

Jade West oversees NAW’s legislative activities on Capitol Hill. She is also executive director of the NAW Political Action Committee. Before joining NAW, West was staff director of the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee and was responsible for experts who provided technical and policy analysis, research papers, talking points and legislative summaries to Republican senators and their staffs. She also served as executive director of the U.S. Senate Steering Committee.  

Rick LongRick Long
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Rick Long oversees PEI activities. As editor of the "TulsaLetter," he writes regularly on business, regulatory and technical matters. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and serves on the board of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), chairs NAW's Association Executives Council and is a former chairman of the Association Education Alliance, a group of 43 distributor-based trade associations.