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Disaster Preparation & Recovery Resources

PEI compiled a list of resources so members, fueling stakeholders and the public can prepare for and recover from disasters. 

To report chemical spills or releases, call the National Response Center: 800-424-8802. Other critical resources include: 


  • Latest Weather Bulletin (National Hurricane Center)
  • Latest Storm Surge Map (NOAA)
  • The Weather Channel 
  • Energy Infrastructure With Real-Time Storm Information (Energy Information Administration)
    • Input your zip code to track which gas stations have fuel and power, no power, limited fuel options, and no fuel and power.
  • Waze App 
    • Real-time traffic, road information.
    • Community-shared gas prices.
  • FEMA App
    • Get real-time alerts from the National Weather Service for up to five locations nationwide.
    • Learn emergency safety tips for more than 20 disaster types, including hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes.
    • Locate open emergency shelters in your area and disaster recovery centers to talk to FEMA in person.
    • Toggle between English and Spanish. 
  • Safe & Well App
    • Register yourself as safe and well.
    • Search for others who have registered themselves safe and well.



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