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Connect: The PEI Mentoring Program

Introducing Connect: PEI's Mentoring Program!
This exciting new program is a direct result of members' vision for new ways to create and foster significant, professional relationships.  This new program enables two different types of benefits to occur.  The first will allow any individual to consider sharing the knowledge and experience they have gained in the industry by becoming a "mentor."  Mentors, simply put, are those who are willing to share what they have learned in their career with another individual.  The second type of benefit is through being a "mentee," someone who is willing to learn from another individual.  Connect sets up that professional relationship to occur through specific skills, abilities, or industries.  Consider what you could gain today through being a mentor or mentee!  

What is Mentoring?
Simply put, mentoring is a developmental relationship through which a “mentor” shares his or her knowledge, skills and perspective with a “mentee,” who gains personally and professionally. Both people must be willing to commit time and energy to meet their goals. The relationship creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving. In addition, mentoring empowers mentors and mentees to learn about the things that are most relevant to them.

Mission Statement
The mission of the PEI Mentoring Program is to offer individuals in the association an opportunity to maximize their personal and career potential through deep and trusting professional relationships.

Vision Statement
The PEI Mentoring Program envisions an association-based initiative in which less experienced members may develop one-on-one relationships with more experienced members to learn about the industry, develop business skills, and set other individualized career goals. Collectively, the program will expand the knowledge base in the industry, improve business relationships, and create opportunities for greater participation in and service to PEI and the industry.

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