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Conference Registration Instructions

Conference Registration Instructions

Once you have already created your My PEI Community Hub account, please follow these instructions.  If you have not yet created your new My PEI Community Hub account, please follow the instructions on this page first.

1. Please go to 2019 PEI Women Conference Registration page and login using your My PEI Community Login.   

Step one

2. Select to Register Yourself or a Colleague. On a subsequent screen, you will have the option to add additional registrations.

Step 2

 3. Follow the prompts to select the Conference Registration. This is where you’ll also add on the Pre-Conference Optional Tour if you so choose. The Registration rate that populates will be dependent on if you are currently a PEI Women member. If you are not, the rate will include the one-time $100 fee to join PEI Women.

Step 3

 4. Additional Registrations may be added at the Checkout screen, before entering your payment information.

Step 4