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CNG Vehicle Fueling Systems Committee

Responsible for PEI’s Recommended Practices for the Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Facilities (RP1500).

Chairman: Steve Bernstein, JF Petroleum Group, Morrisville, NC, United States

Eric Beavers, Beavers Petroleum Equipment Co., Inc., Horseheads, NY, United States

Julian Canuso, Oxford Engineering Company, Camden, NJ, United States

Jason Carr, Stantec, Portland, ME, United States

Denis Ding, Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Newport Beach, CA, United States

Patrick Fiedler, Fiedler Group, Pasadena, CA, United States

Paul Pitney, Husky Corporation, Pacific, MO, United States

Tom Wyper, Fueling and Service Technologies, Inc., Buena Park, CA, United States

Scott Zepp, Consolidated Utilities Corp., Boston, MA, United States