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Overfill, Release Detection And Release Prevention Equipment Testing Committee

Responsible for PEI’s Recommended Practices for the Testing and Verification of Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment Equipment at UST Facilities (RP1200).

Chairman: Edward Kubinsky, Crompco LLC, Plymouth Meeting, PA, United States

James (Russ) Brauksieck, New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation, Washington, DC, United States

Danny Brevard, ACCENT Environmental Services Inc., Lufkin, TX, United States

Jim Brown, Belshire Environmental Services, Inc., Foothill Ranch, CA, United States

Todd Darrough, QuikTrip Corporation, Tulsa, OK, United States

Brian Derge, Tanknology Inc., Austin, TX, United States

Bruce Garrett, Dependable Petroleum Service A Division of Dependable Service Co., Inc., Plymouth, MA, United States

Wayne Geyer, STI/SPFA, United States

Brian Harmon, Tait Environmental Services, Inc., Anaheim, CA, United States

Kevin Henderson, Kevin Henderson Consulting LLC, Magee, MS, United States

Jim Howard, Speedway, LLC, Edison, NJ, United States

Ron Kingsbury, UST Services Corporation, Owings, MD, United States

Robert Renkes, Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute, Tulsa, OK, United States

Brian Wiegert, R&A Risk Professionals, Urbandale, IA, United States