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PEI Committee List

PEI Committee members are typically appointed for one year each November by the incoming PEI president. Committees are established to focus on specific topics, make recommendations and set guidelines for association programs, events and publications. Most committees meet only once during the year and pay their own expenses to attend the committee meeting.

We appreciate the willingness of all committee members to contribute their time and talent to serve the association and the industry. Many PEI committees welcome new members each year. If you are interested in serving on a committee in the future, contact Rick Long at

Click the committee name to view a description and committee member roster.

Aboveground Tank Installation Committee (RP200)

Aboveground Tank Overfill Prevention Committee (RP600)

Aviation Fueling Committee (RP1300)

Board of Directors

Bulk Plant Installation Committee (RP800)

CNG Vehicle Fueling Systems Committee (RP1500)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Committee (RP1100)

Education & Convention Committee

Election Committee

Electrical Continuity Testing Committee (RP400)

EV Charging Station Working Group

Executive Committee

Safety Fall Protection Committee (SRP001)

Fuel Dispensing Equipment Inspection And Maintenance Committee (RP500)

Generator Fuel System Installation Committee (RP1400)

Latin America Committee

LNG Fueling System Installation Committee (RP1600)

Marina Fueling System Installation Committee (RP1000)

Overfill, Release Detection And Release Prevention Equipment Testing Committee (RP1200)

PEI Women Committee

PEI Young Executives Committee

Recommended Practice Topic Selection Committee

Safety Committee

Service Tech Training Committee

Strategic Long Range Planning Committee

Tank Closure and Removal Committee (RP1700)

Tank Installation Committee (RP100)

UST System Inspection And Maintenance Committee (RP900)

Vapor Recovery Installation Committee (RP300)

Vehicle Maintenance Fluids Equipment Committee (RP700)