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Entry-Level Service Technician Resources

Ever put gas in your car?

Of course you have. But have you ever wondered who keeps that gas pump pumping? 

Thousands of service technicians working for PEI member companies keep fuel flowing at millions of locations around the world. The dispensers, nozzles, hoses and tanks all require routine maintenance or occasional repair to continue operating safely and providing gasoline, diesel, ethanol or CNG to billions of motorists. No matter the price of oil, the fuel keeps flowing. Even through the ups and downs, there will be a need.

And today more than ever, qualified service techs are in demand. New technologies and regulatory changes require the replacement or upgrade of thousands of fuel dispensers. Mechanically inclined individuals who enjoy working outdoors and the challenge of solving problems can find a desirable position in most regions of the U.S.

Explore the career opportunities available as a petroleum equipment service technician. Meet three techs who have found their niche in our industry — all by very different paths.