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Mindsets, Practices of Excellent CEOs

A recent McKinsey & Co. article states only 3 in 5 new CEOs live up to performance expectations during their first 18 months on the job.

"The high standards and broad expectations of directors, shareholders, customers, and employees create an environment of relentless scrutiny in which one move can dramatically make or derail an accomplished career," write Carolyn Dewer, Martin Hirt and Scott Keller.

The authors began with the six main elements of the CEO’s job. Then, they broke those down into 18 responsibilities that fall exclusively to the CEO. 

Next, they mined their database on CEO performance, which contains 25 years of data on 7,800 CEOs from 3,500 public companies across 70 countries and 24 industries. 

The result is a model for CEO excellence, which prescribes mindsets and practices likely to help CEOs succeed.

"What follows is a detailed look at these mindsets and practices," the article states. "Although our findings are most relevant to CEOs of large public companies, owing to our research base, many will also apply to CEOs of other bodies, including private companies, public-sector organizations, and not-for-profit institutions."

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