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According to the latest report from the Fuels Institute, "Global Initiatives: Assessing Current and Future Global Initiatives on Fuels & Vehicles":

  • 33 countries have set specific biofuel mandates with city or provincial requirements in two additional countries
  • 41 countries have set renewable transport requirements, dominated by the 28 EU member states
  • 37 countries have set fuel economy standards for their LDV fleets, 35 have set them for light-commercial vehicles (LCVs) and 4 have set them for HDVs
  • 13 countries have set ZEV support policies, which primarily is focused on fiscal incentives for now
  • 22 cities and countries globally have set a ban or other limitation on the ICEV, most of which has occurred only in the last year or so
  • 7 countries have an ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) standard of below 50 ppm
  • 39 countries have set stringent emission standards for LDVs, while 33 have set them for HDVs

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