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Electric Vehicle Adoption: Focus on Charging

"Electric Vehicle Adoption" is a Fuels Institute report that evaluates the electric vehicle (EV) market from the consumer perspective, including total cost of ownership, recharging infrastructure requirements, anticipated consumer recharging behavior, and the relationship of EVs to competing technology in terms of consumer adoption.

The EV market is developing and changing rapidly, evidenced by charging infrastructure deployment and the increasing number of EV models available.

Although EVs are being positioned to comprise a significant share of the American light-duty vehicle market in the long-term future, near-term hurdles will temper large-scale EV growth, including battery prices, charging infrastructure and model availability, federal policy outlook, and consumer awareness levels.

It is not a question of if but when these barriers will be addressed, according to the report.

This report focuses on the demand for and the installation and operation of EV charging infrastructure. The report also presents detailed map-based charging infrastructure analyses and in-depth case studies on charging infrastructure deployment for diverse, representative metropolitan markets.

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