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On any day, we're lied to 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lies can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of "Liespotting," shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception.

Airspace regulation and a certified pilot shortage have hampered the use of drones in the supply chain, but could those problems share a solution? Enter robots. 

The World Economic Forum shares 11 economic snapshots of the U.S. economy from stock market highs to global trade disputes, from innovation to rising inequality.

Despite record levels of short-term optimism in the global economy, CEOs worldwide report heightened anxiety about the business, economic and societal threats confronting their organizations.

Social media influencers like Kim Kardashian and Mike Rowe have become centerpieces of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing strategies, and now business-to-business (B2B) brands are starting to follow. 



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