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Quirky, opinionated outsiders offer something that no amount of institutional memory can replace. That crazy idea just might work.

Are you tired of being passed over for a promotion? Maybe you need to work on your reputation. (Ouch.)

Managing Editor Kristen Wright reports that this month, PEI Executive Vice President Bob Renkes delivered his final presentation before his May retirement to PEI Young Executives in St. Augustine. The secret to his success? Passing a forensic handwriting analysis and being the cheapest candidate to hire 38 years ago. 

Eric Barker writes in Time that in high-complexity jobs such as professional roles and sales, the top 10 percent produce 80 percent more than average — and 700 percent more than the bottom 10 percent. If you're not in that top 10 percent yet, here's what you need to do to stand out.

Service techs fall into a demographic with problems. For every unemployed American man age 25-55, writes Nicholas N. Eberstadt of Commentary, three more have stopped looking for a job. And nearly half of that group  — some 7 million men — take daily pain medication funded largely by Medicaid. What's more, roughly 1 in 8 working age American men have at least one felony conviction on their resumes. The U.S. is in an opioid crisis.



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