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A cultural expectation to light up anytime because of health issues is clouding U.S. workplace safety.

It was hard enough finding workers in Colorado, and now marijuana use is legal there (under state law). Some businesses don't want to miss hiring qualified people — even if they use marijuana.

Reasonable suspicion? Probable cause? Who can test whom? This ACLU chart shows the laws by state. 

When Uber and Lyft left Austin, their customers: 1) used another ride-hailing provider; 2) drove personal vehicles; or 3) took public transit. Those who went back to their own vehicles made more trips ... and 9 percent bought an additional vehicle. 

Since 2009, the PEI Journal has interviewed 32 member companies for its "Member Profile." Now you can check them all out in a single glance. (Interested in being profiled? Here's how to land on our list of possible interviews. WARNING: You'll want to practice your autograph ... and smolder.)  



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