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Is your team trained in business table manners? Arm them with U.S. and international etiquette.  

Some 44 percent of fuel buyers at convenience stores also make purchases inside the stores. Fifty-nine percent of customers visit stores because of fuel prices. 

Unlike the U.S., France and Germany, Norway’s electric vehicle success isn't tied to a purchase subsidy or grant. The country simply taxes vehicle sales based on the vehicles' emissions.

EVs are coming in droves, thanks to a surge in renewable energy generation. Analysts predict that after 2035, more than half of global energy generation will be renewables, EV sales will top 100 million, and by 2050, the number of EVs on the road could reach 2 billion. 

Some 49 percent of surveyed millennials use "bleisure" to save money on vacations. They aren't too hip on telling their bosses about it, though, even if bosses do the same thing.



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