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Most distributors are experiencing strong sales gains. The serious concerns about generating adequate sales are largely a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the strong increases in sales are not translating into strong increases in profit. Expenses — especially payroll expenses — are absorbing an excessive amount of the increase in sales.

More than 1,400 company leaders from 83 countries talk growth in complicated times. Discover C-Suite trends and insights.

The "NACS 2016 Retail Fuels Report," now in its 15th year, explains market conditions that affect gas prices. Want to know what to watch for in 2016?

Nearly 60 percent of small business owners say they favor raising the minimum wage, according to a study from Manta.

The number of people living in U.S. cities has increased during the past few years, but at least 23 metropolitan areas experienced a decline in excess of 2 percent between 2010 and 2015.



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