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Manufacturers are finding loyal, capable employees in some of the nearly 700,000 Americans who leave prison each year. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and President Trump encourage companies to hire more felons.

On Oct. 7, the average California regular retail gasoline price surpassed $4 a gallon for the second time since 2014. Prices fell after refiners in the state assumed normal operations. 

The new rate became effective Oct. 1 and affects per diem allowances paid to any employee who travels away from home.

For a dual-career couple, somebody still has to get the kids to practice. Offering flexible work schedules and evaluating worker results — rather than timecards — build employee loyalty.

Emerging roles will gain importance through 2022. Meanwhile, other jobs will become unnecessary. See examples of tomorrow's stable, new and redundant job titles and strategies to address shifting skills needs.



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