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Some nations offer residency and citizenship rights (passports) to qualified, vetted people in exchange for major money. Find out which countries do and which countries you can visit with your passport.

Excellent CEOs approach six elements — corporate strategy, organizational alignment, team and processes, board engagement, external stakeholders and personal working norms — with certain mindsets and adhere to 18 practices.

Distributors need to capture and use data now, but transactional data is not enough. Intent data informs what customers intend to buy and grows 10 times faster than traditional business data. 

Your employees might point to a common cause for low workplace morale: their manager. Maybe its time for a self-assessment.

Performance reviews in most organizations are so bad that they do more harm than good. how does grading someone on what happened a year ago drive next year's productivity? 

The current slump in electric vehicle sales does not necessarily indicate a change in trend. The biggest factors affecting EV growth rate remain government mandates and incentives. (Cali, we're talking to you.)

Manufacturers are finding loyal, capable employees in some of the nearly 700,000 Americans who leave prison each year. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and President Trump encourage companies to hire more felons.

On Oct. 7, the average California regular retail gasoline price surpassed $4 a gallon for the second time since 2014. Prices fell after refiners in the state assumed normal operations. 

The new rate became effective Oct. 1 and affects per diem allowances paid to any employee who travels away from home.

For a dual-career couple, somebody still has to get the kids to practice. Offering flexible work schedules and evaluating worker results — rather than timecards — build employee loyalty.



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