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Service techs fall into a demographic with problems. For every unemployed American man age 25-55, writes Nicholas N. Eberstadt of Commentary, three more have stopped looking for a job. And nearly half of that group  — some 7 million men — take daily pain medication funded largely by Medicaid. What's more, roughly 1 in 8 working age American men have at least one felony conviction on their resumes. The U.S. is in an opioid crisis.

Forget that antiquated leader selection process and build your bench strength. (Pssst! The best person for the job might not be the heir apparent.) 

Dana Perino, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, shares five ways young professionals can get ahead in 2017.

These seven myths are busted, writes Jessica Brook, of Social Chorus. If you’re in the know, your employees are more likely to view work as a blessing, not a curse.

Get the latest profitability and operational stats for distributors in 28 lines of trade, focusing on 2015 results. 



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