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There are actually 13 signs that an employee is about to quit. But there’s good news, too. And you can head it off and keep that high-performing employee.

An overlooked factor in payroll cost is the inability to control operating economics. Many distributors process too many orders, and many of those orders are of too little value. 

A survey of more than 1,000 senior global execs across industries shows that nearly 60 percent of respondents are unhappy with their companies’ investments in leadership development.

Did you just steal your potential client’s bread plate? Is it OK to stay seated during introductions? Who should initiate a handshake? Send these business etiquette tips companywide. Your employees will thank you ... and maybe via handwritten card within 24 hours!

Got 15 minutes? Watch this "TED Talks" video to find out why hiring the "scrapper" might be better than hiring the "silver spoon." 



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