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IRS Announces New Per Diem Rate for Business Travelers

The new rate became effective Oct. 1 and affects per diem allowances paid to any employee who travels away from home.


For a dual-career couple, somebody still has to get the kids to practice. Offering flexible work schedules and evaluating worker results — rather than timecards — build employee loyalty.

The Future of Jobs Report

Emerging roles will gain importance through 2022. Meanwhile, other jobs will become unnecessary. See examples of tomorrow's stable, new and redundant job titles and strategies to address shifting skills needs.

Confronting the Labor Shortage: Strategies and Solutions for Distributors Facing a Growing Skills Gap

PEI recently commissioned a new report, “Confronting the Labor Shortage: Strategies and Solutions for Distributors Facing a Growing Skills Gap,” in partnership with the Association Education Alliance. 

PEI members may download the free PDF to learn from peers across distribution sectors their winning strategies on finding and recruiting top talent.

In the report:

13 Ways to Make Friday the 13th Luckiest Day of Your 2019

Don't be scared of black cats and the number 13. Make today your lucky day. We're sharing 13 ways you can show Friday the 13th who's boss.

Business Etiquette Best Practices

Pass these etiquette tips on to everyone in your company who attends trade shows and business meals. 


See the latest storm surge map, real-time traffic and energy infrastructure, and get emergency response playbooks and emergency apps from PEI's list of disaster resources. 

How to Boost Your Google Rank

Business is digital these days, and landing that top spot in a Google search can mean millions of dollars for a business. Somebody at your office should be all over this.

It's Time for a C-Level Role Dedicated to Reskilling Workers

Just as the chief technology officer became common during the past two decades, a chief skills and learning officer can help companies get ahead during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


In more than half of case studies, the "obvious" choice was not the candidate most likely to succeed in the CEO role. Who gets overlooked?


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