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Companies can create enormous social value in a single area: job satisfaction. Studies link employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability. (And bosses play a major role.)

When you can spend your lifetime perfecting a skill whose importance never wanes, the payoffs can compound. Here are eight. 

A study looks at NFL talent trees and who the most talented players work for. Can this idea of regenerating talent work in other industries? 

After seven months of pandemic response, we've learned things. For example, testing wastewater samples appears to detect viral increases of COVID-19 up to six days earlier than testing of individuals does. 

Evidence shows that feelings-based decisions can lead organizations astray. Do you question the competency of employees and peers who provide proof of your mistakes?

Experts from Kellogg and IDEO explain the psychology behind this creative approach to problem-solving:

  1. Look for the gorilla.
  2. Ask a question no one else is asking.
  3. Encourage outlandish brainstorming.
  4. Fail faster. Learn sooner. 

Fuel and C-store retailers can focus on four areas now and next: enhancing consumers' in-store safe, contactless experiences; accelerating tech investments; building employee loyalty and investments; and rethinking products and services.

Only 1 in 12 companies goes from being average to a top-quintile performer over a 10-year period. A CEO that makes one or two bold moves more than doubles the likelihood. A CEO that makes three or more bold moves bumps the likelihood six times.

This new report focuses on the EV market, its potential evolution and EV charging infrastructure. The study also provides case studies that explore how the deployment of EV charging infrastructure might change across regions.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is decisive, self-assured, adept at communicating across a broad audience, and immensely credible. He captured the nation's trust by doing four things well. Those things add up to executive presence.



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