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Organizational hierarchies lead to siloes that become barriers to horizontal communication and the sharing of knowledge and data — key features of agile organizations in the digital age. 

Wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart make it harder to communicate. Here are some tips:

  • Have your communication partner’s attention.  
  • Face your partner directly. Ensure nothing is blocking your view. 
  • Talk a little louder.
  • Talk a little slower. 
  • Use your hands and body language. 
  • Ask your partner if he or she understood you. If not, say it differently or write it down. 
  • Move to a quieter place. 
  • Ask if you can do anything to make communication easier for you both. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) signaled plans to challenge acquisition deals in the fuel retailing industry, particularly when the largest fuel retailers acquire family-run businesses.

Execs tend to give nonanswers when asked about two things: company performance (especially when it’s been poor) and proprietary information (particularly when competition is fierce).

A formal employee advocacy program can help your business reach job hunters, break silos and boost overall morale through employees' social media posts.

Nearly 90% of HR leaders feel their organization has been ineffective or neutral at increasing diversity representation. To overcome that:

  1. Go beyond mentoring.
  2. Increase representation.
  3. Reframe talent processes. 

Five of the 10 highest-paid CEOs on the Equilar 200 list led companies that went public in 2020. 

To build organizational resilience and generate value, HR leaders must do four things:

  • Engage more directly and deeply with employees.
  • Let employees bring their "whole person" to work.
  • Spread decision-making across the organization.
  • Expand their view of "talent" across the whole ecosystem.

Your colleagues will thank you if you cut these 20 words from your vocabulary immediately. 

Nearly 40% of IT decision-makers said the weak link in their cybersecurity efforts is their own CEO.

In a virtual workplace, cybersecurity must be a top priority for the C-suite. 



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