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A McKinsey & Co. blog tackles why companies should use key performance criteria for different roles to avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Other blog topics include: 

  • Performance reviews
  • Setting up a “nudge unit”
  • How to raise your company’s metabolism
  • Never hire leaders based only on word of mouth
  • How to connect your top talent to value
  • More than work-life balance, focus on your energy
  • Why defining leadership is imperative
  • How to do it differently and get everyone’s attention
  • 7 steps to drive learning in your organization
  • Master these mindsets to enchant customers
  • Avoid leadership blind spots by asking the crowd
  • Hiring from unlikely sources as talent pool shrinks
  • Collide with your team for the best results
  • Sleep more, work better
  • Your organization’s health: the ultimate competitive edge

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