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2016 Retail Fuels Report


Because U.S. convenience stores sell an estimated 80 percent of the gasoline purchased, NACS wants to demystify how the market works — from the time crude oil is extracted from the ground to when fuel flows into a consumer’s gas tank.

As 2016 began, gas prices were at $2 a gallon and falling, and oil prices were at lows not seen since the early 2000s. While consumers were delighted with lower prices, according to NACS surveys, prices could change as supply and demand shift, whether from world events or from the annual spring transition to summer-blend fuel.

The NACS Retail Fuels Report was developed to help facilitate an open discussion about the issues impacting supply and prices through a better understanding of the retail fuels markets and help ease frustrations that consumers often experience when gasoline prices increase. And, most important, this resource can help provide insights and expertise on discussions that address the U.S. motor fuels industry.

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