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20 Traits Successful Execs Share

“While leadership styles vary from person to person,” writes Dan McCarthy, “great executives share a number of common, observable behaviors that support their success.”

Take No. 10, for example: They regret not taking action on poor performers sooner. 

Dennis Rethmeier, CEO of Western Pump in San Diego, plans to talk more about that particular subject on a panel called "What Worked ... and What I'd Never Do Again" during the 2019 PEI Young Executives Winter Conference in Long Beach, California. 

“Get rid of the bad attitudes in your business as soon as you spot them. They are like a cancer and will infect your good people,” Rethmeier said. “Don’t hold on to mediocre employees.”

The PEI Young Executives Winter Conference will be Feb. 6-8. For more information and to register, click here

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