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11 Tips to Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

"LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots receive roughly 14 times more profile views and are 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn," writes Pauline Gabrelli. "It’s important to look professional, hard-working and approachable."

She shares 11 tips and what they mean exactly:

  1. Look approachable.
  2. Take a headshot.
  3. Pick an up-to-date photo.
  4. Choose the right expression.
  5. Wear your usual attire.
  6. Take the photo straight on.
  7. Don't take selfies.
  8. Don't use filters.
  9. Don't crop a group picture.
  10. Don't have a distracting background.
  11. Don't incorporate hobbies into your photo.

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