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Add a Branch Listing

Add an Additional Location Listing in the PEI Directory

Members can use this form to add additional organization listings (branches) to their membership profile in the PEI Directory. Upon form submission, PEI staff will review and send a payment link for remittance. Once the new organization has been added they can be managed online by your company's Primary Contact or any personnel granted the Company Manager role. Please note the following:

  • Cost: Branch Listings cost $75 per year.
  • Branches: are locations other than your headquarters, and only available to Distributor, Service & Construction and Affiliate members.
  • Name: branches are listed using the same company name used for your membership.
  • Visibility: new Branch Listings will appear in the online directory immediately after payment is submitted, then in the next edition of the printed Directory.
  • PEI Journal: as an added benefit, all branches listed in the PEI Directory also receive a subscription to the our quarterly magazine.
  • Logos: can be included on Branch Listings for $250.
  • Term: all Branch Listings are good for one year and renew on October 1.
The name as it appears on your PEI membership certificate.