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Recommended Practices

November 1 Deadline Appeal to Increase Fuel Quality Testing for Emergency Generators

NFPA committee responsible for NFPA 110: Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems recently rejected a request from the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) for a Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) that would have increased the frequency of required fuel quality testing in emergency power generators. 


PEI is seeking public comments on PEI/RP300: Recommended Practices for Installation and Testing of Vapor Recovery Systems at Vehicle Fueling Sites. The 54-page document was last revised and reorganized in 2009, a process that included the addition of an entirely new chapter on decommissioning Stage II vapor recovery piping. The 2009 edition was affirmed with no changes in 2014.

RP1700 comment period ends Friday, June 15

The public comment period for the draft version of Recommended Practices for the Closure of Underground Storage Tanks and Shop-Fabricated Aboveground Storage Tanks (PEI/RP1700) closes this Friday, June 15. You can find links to download the draft and submit comments here. RP1700 is designed to provide safe and environmentally friendly practices and procedures for the decommissioning, removal, closure in place, storage, transportation and off-site disposal of USTs and shop-fabricated ASTs that have contained petroleum products.

Wanted: LNG/CNG Experts

PEI is soliciting individuals who would like to serve on the committee responsible for writing PEI’s new document with the working title Recommended Practices for the Installation of LNG/LCNG Fueling Systems (PEI/RP1600). The document will cover the installation of LNG and LCNG systems for private and public fueling. The publication will cover fuel properties, cryogenics, storage, pumping, piping, dispensing and fueling operations in addition to safety issues and applicable fire codes.

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