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Purchasing & Inventory Managers Conference

With roundtable discussions, networking opportunities, table-top exhibits and a world-class General Session speaker, PEI's 2016 Purchasing & Inventory Managers Conference is the event of the year for industry professionals. Susan Maples of RBM Company in Knoxville, Tennessee, and longtime Purchasing & Inventory Managers Conference attendee shares her thoughts on why attending this conference is so important. 


Need to learn effective purchasing and inventory management? Attend PEI’s Purchasing and Inventory Conference (April 14-16). It only happens once every two years.

At previous year’s conferences, we learned the importance of inventory turns and having product on hand when your customer requires it. We also learned that stocking inventory is an investment which can easily turn into a burden when items are overbought, become outdated and subsequently outlive their useful life. Don’t become the “Sanford and Son” of the petroleum industry! Attending this conference will help you find balance and learn key information that everyone in purchasing and inventory departments should know.

Along with sharing on-hand knowledge and ideas with your peers in the roundtable sessions, attendees will gain a vast amount of knowledge on purchasing and inventory controls that work for real-world business situations. Get ahead of the game by taking this experience and knowledge back to your own organization.

This conference is a must for anyone involved in either purchasing or inventory, and especially for those in our ever-changing industry. Keep your inventory from going to the “pump graveyard” with all the information you gain at the PEI 2016 Purchasing and Inventory Conference.

I’ll see you there!


Susan Maples

RBM Company

Thanks for sharing, Susan. Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville.