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Portable Directory

Did you know you can take the PEI Member Directory with you? 

Sometimes lugging a paper book around just isn't practical. Fortunately we provide two different online versions of the Directory— and you can even download a digital version for offline use.

The most up-to-the-minute information is available from our Online Directory. This direct connection to the PEI database allows you to search by company name, state, country or a particular U.S. postal code. To find it easily just remember:

Another version of the Directory is displayed as a replica of the printed publication. This tool allows you to search the book, thumb through page-by-page, print to paper or download a PDF. You can search by individual names, line codes, address, etc.

If you choose to download the Directory you'll have a standalone copy to take with you anywhere. And it even works offline! But please be aware... this is a large file (about 200 meg) so plan accordingly.

The next time you head out of town save some weight, and take along the PEI Directory!


Learn more: about the PEI Directory, purchase a print copy or enhance your member listing.