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PEI is seeking public comments on PEI/RP300: Recommended Practices for Installation and Testing of Vapor Recovery Systems at Vehicle Fueling Sites. The 54-page document was last revised and reorganized in 2009, a process that included the addition of an entirely new chapter on decommissioning Stage II vapor recovery piping. The 2009 edition was affirmed with no changes in 2014.

Although the installation of vapor recovery equipment has all but disappeared in most of the United States, this type of work is increasing in other countries. In recent days, PEI also has received several questions and comments about the proper procedures for decommissioning Stage II vapor recovery equipment. 

While the PEI Vapor Recovery Installation Committee is particularly interested in comments on decommissioning procedures, stakeholders are invited to comment on any section in the document.

To submit your suggestions for improving RP300, visit and click the “Comment Now” button. Comments must be submitted by Monday, Aug. 20, to be considered for inclusion in the next edition.