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Online Test System Updated

PEI's popular RP exam program has provided thousands of online tests since its introduction in 2010. 


The system provides a multiple-choice quiz for each of the association's Recommended Practices manuals as well as the recently introduced Entry-Level Service Technician Training Manual. Most of the tests are comprised of 70 questions randomly selected from a larger bank of questions compiled by the RP committee responsible for the relevant document. Users complete the tests at their own pace, then receive a complete analysis of their results upon completion.

This latest version of the system streamlines the integration of the testing platform with PEI's website and shopping cart. The addition of Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) technology makes the whole interaction more secure. But the most noticeable difference is the new responsive design that allows users to complete a test from their computer or a mobile device.

Tests are available by purchasing a single-use access code for $25. PEI member companies can purchase a subscription that provides them access to all tests for one year. To learn more about PEI's online tests or to purchase now visit