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Online Directory Updated

The online version of the PEI Directory has been updated to allow even more useful searches.

Now in addition to location searches, the company description can be included in your query. This provides quick access to PEI member listings based on more than just location criteria. Use the Operations search to locate manufacturers of a certain product, or a particular service you may need. 

Combine the free-text search with location criteria to find who you want, wherever you need them. Need a breakaway in Buloxi? Or maybe a rebuilder in Reading? No worries, it's now easier than ever and available 24/7.

Online Member Directory


Members also have the flexibility to specify complementary data in their listings. One example might be a term that is commonly abbreviated. Like underground storage tank versus UST. You can abbreviate it in your Description listing, then include the full verbiage in your Keywords field.

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