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November 1 Deadline Appeal to Increase Fuel Quality Testing for Emergency Generators

NFPA committee responsible for NFPA 110: Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems recently rejected a request from the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) for a Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) that would have increased the frequency of required fuel quality testing in emergency power generators. 

NFPA 110 currently requires that diesel fuel in emergency generators be tested for degradation at least annually. The TIA would require testing “no less than twice annually with a maximum of 6 months between testing.” ( Click here to view the TIA request)  EGSA is now appealing the NFPA's denial of its proposed TIA. (Click here to view the appeal.) NFPA will consider the appeal at its Standards Council meeting, Dec. 6-7. 

PEI member Loren Semler, president of Semler Industries and a member of the EGSA Diesel Fuel Working Group, has reached out to PEI to see if any PEI members would like to share insights that might help the NFPA understand the importance of fuel quality maintenance in critical stand-by power systems where fuel is stored for long periods of time.

If you would like to submit any experiences, perspectives, photos or other information demonstrating the importance of fuel quality testing in emergency generator power systems, please send an email with your full name and company name to EGSA Diesel Working Group Chair Michelle Hilger at by Thursday, Nov. 1. 

Note: The date above is a hard deadline because the NFPA is requiring that EGSA submit all information in support of its appeal by Friday, Nov. 2.

Please also feel free to share this request with others in your network--customers, associates, staff, etc.--who might also be interested in providing information to EGSA for its appeal.