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New RP Options Available

Buyers now have a more options available when purchasing our Recommended Practices. 

Through our partnership with Techstreet we can now offer new enhancements and streamlined delivery options. Plus a more robust help desk is available to assist with downloads and delivery. We think this will be a win-win for everyone, as the association can now focus completely on the buisness of producng timely, industry-relevant documents and leave the business of distribution and production to the experts.

Each RP is now be available in the following formats:

  • Print, just as you have typically seen them. The only difference will be your order ships from Techstreet’s warehouse. As new titles are introduced, and current stock is depleted, your print documents will be fulfilled using Print-on-Demand technology.

  • Electronic PDF, similar to the secure PDFs we have offered. Print up to two copies and open on up to two devices. But unlike our current system you can purchase multiple copies of a PDF document in case your whole office needs a copy. You can also copy a limited amount of text from our documents so you can cite the specification or code.

  • Print/PDF Combo, another new option is the convenience of both formats at a reduced price. One transaction gets you the paper book for your library and the PDF to carry with you on your tablet or laptop.

  • Historical Copies, sometimes you need to know where you’ve been. In case that includes one of our RPs, then you’re covered. We’ve now made one version previous to the current version available for all RPs.

  • Redline Editions, this makes comparing the current and historical edition painless. Deletions are red and additions are blue. You also receive a clean copy

  • Enterprise License, the new multi-user PDF option is perfect for small offices. But if you need more than ten copies we suggest you consider the subscription service. This allows everyone in your company to access the documents you need- whether it’s one RP or the entire library.

The single copy prices for each RP remain the same: $40 for PEI members and government regulators, or $95 for non-members. To browse the Recommended Practices visit