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Message to our Members Affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Dear PEI Member:

Your PEI staff is thinking of and praying for you and all PEI members who are potentially affected--directly or indirectly--by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. We've had a number of calls and emails today from other parts of the country wondering how our Texas & Florida members are doing.

If you have any news or updates about your situation that you would like to share with the PEI community at large or with certain members in particular, we would be more than happy to assist in getting the word out. Perhaps you want to let other members know that you are okay...or that you are are without electricity or phone...or that you need certain kinds of assistance...or that you are down but not out. Whatever you need or want to share, we are here to facilitate.

In addition to this online update page, the board of governors of the PEI Foundation has authorized a hurricane relief fund for full-time employees of PEI member companies who suffered loss as a result of either storm. You can participate by choosing to donate to this fund by clicking here or if you know of someone who could benefit from this aid, please pass along this link to the application for aid.

If you would like to provide an update, please just post a comment on this page to ensure your message is displayed on this web page.



Petroleum Solutions, Inc

Petroleum Solutions, Inc UPDATE: Our Houston, Corpus Christi, and Victoria offices are closed until further notice, however local phone lines are being monitored and answered. Service crews have returned to work and construction/electrical crews are being dispatched to any and all customers in affected areas. Our goal is to get stations up and running as soon as possible. We will be providing updates daily. If you are a customer in need of service, call your local PSI office or call 800-880-9582.

Dear Friends, customers and

Dear Friends, customers and business associates, I just wanted to send out a note letting you know that we at Petro Energy are currently fine here in Houston. It has been good to hear from many of you. We are presently high and dry here at our house in Houston. Many, many residents of the Houston area cannot say the same. The flooding here is of unprecidented proportions, and the devastation and recovery are going to be widespread and will take months. Bob is doing well, and his place on the coast is OK. Currently he is evacuated to higher ground, and is doing well. Angel's house is dry and doing fine. They had water in their street halfway up their yard. They are for good for now. I went and got my mom yesterday morning. We had to wade out of her neighborhood in thigh deep water. As of this morning, according to her neighbor who lives across the street, they had some water in their house, and the flood water was up to mom's doorway. So, we are all safe and dry for the moment, but are continually hearing stories of people that we know that have flooding, have had to evacuate - and the storm is still ongoing. We would appreciate your prayers and thanks for checking in. Very thankful to the Lord that all of our loved ones are safe and sound. Stuff can be replaced. We appreciate all of you and the friendships that we have with each of you. Take care and God bless.

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, Thanks for creating this feed/blog to share information. We have several team members that are unable to leave their homes due to floodwaters in Southeast Texas. Our Beaumont branch dispatcher had to evacuate her home and move to higher ground. We are very busy with emergency calls in the Corpus Christi, Victoria and other coastal bend service areas as generators are brought in to power the stores. Many stores up and down the I-35 corridor are running their tanks dry and causing STP motor failures. Parts logistics are a challenge in our Beaumont location as all of our shipments move through Houston. Houston is on lockdown. Several major interstate highways are flooded. Our Team has been amazing. Everyone that is not flooded in has stepped up and worked very hard to help our customers get back on their feet so that they can in turn help the public. My family and I are safe and we are fortunate our home still has power and internet. Cross your fingers as we still have several days of rain in the forecast and Harvey is predicted to make land fall again and travel back on land over our home office in Beaumont. Thanks for your concern, Sincerely, Robert Peavey PumpTex Inc. #prayforhouston #texasstrong

It's hard to understand the

It's hard to understand the destruction our friends in Texas are living with. Pictures seen on TV are unfathomable and I pray for everyone's safety and health during this devastating event. God be with you! Craig

Petroleum Solutions Inc.

Petroleum Solutions Inc. (Texas) - We look to have seen the worse from hurricane Harvey, our staff in Corpus Christi and Victoria are back in their home towns and assessing the damages. Some have had extensive property damage and some have minor damage, most importantly ALL are safe. Our office in Corpus Christi is open, but Victoria is closed and without power. There are many still without electricity in Corpus Christi and Victoria and that may be in place for the remainder of the week. There are local support centers with ice and water and essentials, but we have reached out personally and asked if there is any support PSI can help with; we will plan on updating everyone over the next few days of any particular needs. Houston is another story, they look to be coming out of the effects of the storm today and we will be working with them to assess their needs and how we may support them. We have not been to the Houston office since Friday and it will remain closed today. We are supporting their needs out of San Antonio with inventory shipments,etc. There will be many days ahead of hard work both personally and professionally with our customers. Remembering that those affected in these areas are stressed and strained will help us all continue to be the caring group that we are. I am grateful that I work with and alongside a group that cares for each other and our customers in the manner that you all have displayed. Please keep praying for these needs and our days ahead. Thank you, John Keller Petroleum Solutions Inc.

We are very happy to hear

We are very happy to hear that most of our PEI Member's are safe here in Texas, Coastal Tank & Testing is mobilizing to help our customers stay safe and in compliance throughout this horrible event. Harvey has taken so much from Texas but Texans are standing strong for one another. Watching everyone come together and help one another is very inspiring. Stay dry my friends. (Customers may call for service at 281-442-8402, 24 hours a day)

To any PEI member companies

To any PEI member companies in Houston and the surrounding areas: BC&C could make an experienced crew, with truck and tools, available for at least a week to help get the fueling infrastructure back up and running. My only conditions would be that whoever we might help watch out for my guys on a personal level (arraigning quarters, etc., you know the area, we don't) and that you do not charge anyone for the work we would do. We will take care of all associated cost, lodging, meals and so on. Contact me via email at

Just wanted to let you know

Safe and sound! Just wanted to let you know we are safe and sound. Haven't returned home to Victoria just yet since the power is still out but hoping to get back tomorrow. We sustained some damage to our home but it pales in comparison to what so many are going through. Thank you for all your support and prayers- God bless Texas and God bless our country!

We want to help!

We want to help! Our employees at Monroe & Monroe Insurance are heartbroken from the devastation on the Gulf Coast. We have personally had damage to properties in Rockport and Port Aransas - nothing compared to the losses that most flood victims are facing. Thankful that we are all safe. We are praying for our friends and clients and want to help. In addition to donations that we've made to food banks, supply drives, and the Red Cross, we want to personally help our fellow PEI members however we can. Whether you are a current client and we write your insurance or not, we are happy to be a resource and help you with any coverage questions or claims issues. Our team is available to help however needed. We have an excellent office staff that is ready and willing. Please let us know how we can best serve you. We are all in this together!