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Meet My PEI

PEI's Website Portal for Association Members and Customers

Our online feature is now available for managing your PEI account. Our new My PEI website combines user profiles, member benefits, company data, shopping and payment preferences in one easy to use website. 

 Steps to activate your new PEI profile: 

Step 1:
Click on this link:
Step 2:
Click on "Create or Reset Password".
See Screenshot Below:
Step 3:
Enter your work email address.
Click on "Reset Your Password".
See Screenshot below:
Step 4: An email will be sent to you from PEI.
See screenshot below: 
Step 5: 
Open up your email and click on the "Reset Password" link that has been sent to you.
See Screenshot below: 
Step 6: Create your new password, retype it once more, then click the "Submit" button. 
See screenshot below:
You're done!
Review your company affiliations and profile. To upload a photo click the thumbnail image. Make any changes to your personal profile that you like, but make sure you save your changes.  If you are the primary contact or a company manager for your company, be sure to click on "Company Profile" and keep your company information up to date!  To print your PEI membership certificate, simply scroll to the bottom of the Company Profile page and click on "Membership Certificate".
See Screenshot below:

 If you need assistance please contact PEI staff.



We're getting feedback about

We're getting feedback about reset links not working. Specifically, clicking the link in your email does not load the password page. So far we aren't sure what causes this. Since that link is a one-time use, it might be caused by anti-virus tools that scan your incoming email. We're looking into this and hope to resolve it ASAP!

Please contact us so we can

Please contact us so we can look into it. Do not create a new account - it won't provide you member access, etc. We can usually figure out the trouble in a few minutes. Call 918-236-3973 or email

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