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Manage Your Member Directory Listing

One of the most highly rated benefits of PEI membership is the Directory listing. Each year thousands of users search the print and digital versions of this annual guide to the industry. Some of these visitors are searching for sources– replacement parts, equipment for new installations or supplies. Others use the Directory to locate a service provider in a certain area. 

Here are some tips to help your company get the most out of your listing.


To access the listing and make changes you'll log in at and click Company Profile. Please be aware, not everyone can make these changes. If you do not see that button it probably means you aren't the Official Representative or have not been assigned the role of company manager.

If you manage multiple companies choose My Affiliations from the menu to access all of them. 


You should now be looking at the Company Snapshot page. Review your listing for any changes that are required. Click the Edit Company button to makes changes to your company address, phone numbers, web site, etc. Note that changes to the company name are not allowed here.

Your company description is the text that appears in the online and printed Directory. You are limited to 500 characters (including spaces) so it's best to use abbreviations in this section. But what if a potential customer doesn't search for the abbreviations?

Glad you asked!

This is where the Keywords section comes into play. For example you might enter underground storage tank in Keywords and use UST in your Description text. Or maybe an alternate phrase is common? Like soda versus pop. Use keywords to spell out those crucial products you offer. By tweaking the keywords field you can guarantee your listing appears when a visitor searches for either version!

If you need to make changes to your personnel click the Manage Roster button. This roster can be a little unwieldy, especially if your company lists Lines. Note that company-to-company entries are shown first, then your company-to-individual entries. 


Oh yeah... don't forget to save your changes!

That might sound obvious, but it's actually a common mistake. Now check your updates by searching the Online Directory. If you need help with any of these updates contact Teresa Farmer at or 918-236-3969.