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Looking for a Few Good Techs

Service tech recruitment has been an ongoing challenge for PEI member companies. Neighboring companies often compete over a finite workforce of skilled technicians. Attracting new blood has been difficult. A new program hopes to change that. In 2015 the association's board of directors created an ad-hoc commitee to explore ways to identify, train and hire new petroleum equipment service technicians. 

The task of hiring new service techs isn't difficult because the work is hard, or jobs are scarce. The committee believes most potential applicants just aren't aware of the opportunity. Everyone is familiar with pumping gas--but most people never give a second thought to the equipment that makes it possible. So the plan is to raise awareness of the career opportunities in our industry with potential job seekers. 

Trusting the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," the committee recommended (and PEI's board of directors approved) the use of video as a recruitment tool. PEI worked with GitWit Creative to hammer out the details and a strategy. The result? Three videos that feature interviews with petroleum equipment service technicians as they go about a typical day on the job are currently being produced. Each video focuses on the unique aspects of a real-life tech, including their job and their journey to their current position. The final clips will be perfect for Internet viewing, each one about a minute and a half long.

Once completed, the three videos will be available for PEI member companies to use in their own recruitment campaigns as online promotionals, website content or on social media. Watch for more updates on this program in the very near future.